A team known as Aphrodite’s Factory are coming to create a new statment in film and music production. Nowadays, during times of crisis, the merging of music and film is more important than ever.
Live music multichannel recordings and film shootings out of studios, in museums, warehouses, old factories, out in the streets... were the moment matters and the capture is perfect to convey the feeling to the audience.
Based in Athens creating in all over the world, our team has the technical infrastructure that allows us to cope with any idea and make it act, with respect to the creator and transparent professional relations.
By using today's technology, we can now do so much more than in previous years. In order to successfully achieve that, we offer a flexible and unique tech rig.
High definition camera 44.2 Arri Amira with a collection of lences, the mighty Nagra VI and BMP with 12 synchronised channels, and if there is a need for more channels we just add recorders. We choose Pearl microphones for most of our projects, for their realistic timbre. Monitoring through PSI Audio and cabling from VanDamme and Ansuz.


Aphrodites Factory is the exclusive distributor for Nagra, Pearl and PSI Audio in Greece and Cyprus.

Aphrodites Factory an artistic trek for people who need to go deeper